We take this opportunity to introduce ourselves as one of the leading manufacturer of Automotive, Industrial, Specialty Lubricants & Greases. These products are manufactured by using a variety of high performance modern chemistry base oils with a combinations of Ash less/Metalic Additive packages, so as to meet the stringent requirements of Fuel Economy, Euro/Bharat Stage Norms, Environmental considerations, Energy efficiency and above all the Long Life of the Lubricant and Engine. The products thus produced meets the requirements of National as well as International Specifications like APD, ACEA, JASO, DIN, ISO etc. We are having a vast pool of technical qualified staff & also the requisite testing facilities at both of our plants. The Team YOKOHAMA have developed a system regular testing/checking the products at various stages of production right from raw material to finished products so as to ensure that the quality products reaches to our customers. In view of continuous R&D in the automobile industry, latest small and compact engines are being introduced by Automobile Manufacturers from time to time with lean oil to fuel ration, concept of Bore Polishing in Diesel Engines, Turbo Charging etc. This put lot of stress on the performance of the oil. Team YOKOHAMA is always aware of this Global development, challenges and takes necessary steps to introduce these products in the market. The technical service department of the company offers services in trouble shooting, problem solving, lube oil management & energy management. Finally customer is our first priority and customer satisfaction is our motto. Our technical team regularly visits to important supply point locations and other strategic areas so as to resolve any customer’s complaints, issues and provide best services to the customers. Zero defect in manufacturing and 100% customer’s satisfaction, is our aim and objectives.

Dear Customer,

At Spectrum Udyog, we are engaged in continuously sharpening our competitive advantage. In the rapidly changing landscape of technology and commerce in business it is essential to continuously fine tune our growth engine. We are laying renewed emphasis on bringing superior products, designing innovative processes and building people’s capabilities. This website provides a greater understanding of automotive products manufactured and marketed by SPECTRUM UDYOG and this information would serve as are reference material. However, for proper recommendation and application of these products, our customers are requested to avail the services of our experienced sales technical personnel’s.

All of us at SPECTRUM UDYOG are passionate about work and excited about the road ahead. We remain fully committed to customer requirement and render services to uphold our own principle and have continual improvement.
Warm regards

Jayanta Saha
(Chief Executive Officer- CEO)
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